Design & Development

We design and develop data visualization websites, dashboards and visual analytics apps adapted to your needs.

Design and development animation

We work in tandem with you

We create custom data websites, apps and dashboards, easy to learn and use by people with different levels of experience and training with numbers. We believe that data should be accessible and understandable by everybody.

We help you make the most of your data with data visualization tools and techniques. Our objective is to help you understand what data can do for you, and not the other way around.

Data strategy

What can data do for you?

Key performance indicators

What numbers are important?

Design and implementation of dashboards

Design of custom data apps

Visual analysis to solve specific problems


We like to work very closely with you. We can integrate in your business and product management workflows, acting as a natural extension of your team. We are experts in data analysis and visualization, but we always work to achieve specific business objectives.

We believe data is only useful when it helps make better decisions, or when it hints at opportunities we never thought about before.

Who do we work with

We build custom solutions for all kinds of companies and institutions, for instance:

media agencies
mobile apps
advertising agencies
communication agencies
consulting companies
technology companies
and more...