Website to explore the evolution of the COVID-19 indicators for 54 countries.

JULY 2021

La The Commonwealth is the organization that groups together the states and territories that were part of the British Empire. Currently, it is made up of 54 countries, for example Canada, Australia, Nigeria and India.

The objective of the website is to communicate to governments the main indicators of COVID-19. Comparative data between countries and regions is offered, as well as specific pages for each country.

In addition to the website, we built a backend architecture that automatically collects and groups data from different sources every day, and performs statistical calculations.

The website consists of three main views:

  • Homepage to communicate the main indicators for the 54 countries
  • Trends analysis visualization, with interactive features to select specific indicators, scales and statistical calculations
  • Country page with detailed data and trends for each country

Challenges achieved

  • Interactive visualizations with custom indicators, scales and statistical calculations
  • Database that is updated with daily data for each country
  • Automatic update of website visualizations as new data is available
  • Mobile friendly, optimized for low bandwidth internet access