Data Visualization Workshop

Tableau, Datawrapper, Excel, Google Sheets

Inteliens is a consultancy firm in the field of competitive intelligence, based in Madrid. They gather and analyze business and marketing metrics and generate reports for their clients.

We trained the team of Inteliens in Data Visualization to help them develop the necessary skills to improve their reports as well as to explore and analyze the data of their clients.

Although we adapt our training to the specific needs and market of the client, a typical course covers these topics:

  • Visual exploration and analysis of data.
  • Storytelling with data.
  • Methodology
  • Design principles
  • Types of charts
  • Dashboard design
  • Interactive data visualization

Our workshops are dynamic and participative, and empower the attendants to comment and criticize cutting edge visualizations.

They also include at least one hands-on session where we discuss and re-design real use cases of the client. Hence, the attendants have the opportunity to practice the learned concepts through real use cases that they encounter every day.

The hand-on sessions can focus on the conceptual part of the visualizations, where we empower the participants to sketch visualizations using pen and paper. Alternatively, we conduct practical sessions with tools such as Tableau to practice the fundamentals with a real world software.

Challenges achieved

  • Our trainings help the assistants to develop their skills in data communication and data exploration.
  • Working with real use cases provide benefits in two directons:
    1. The assistants discuss about their day to day data.
    2. The final designs can be used and be further developed after the training.
  • Defining and understanding the methodology behind data analysis and visualization can provide great value for all the companies that want to embrace the data-driven culture.

The team gained extensive knowledge of new graphical output tools, saw case studies and visualization improvements on our own reports and presentations. Trainer's enthusiasm and high experience allowed us to make the most of the sessions and extract new learning.

MarĂ­a Barba

Socia Directora