Web and Tableau Barceló Group

Design and development of dashboards and visual analytics apps

Barceló Group is one of the largest tourism groups in the world, with over 250 hotels in 22 countries, and more than 700 travel agencies on 4 continents.

We have been working for Barceló Group's eCommerce Artificial Intelligence division since 2017, acting as a natural extension of the team. Our main duties include the development of custom dashboards and visual analytics apps with Web technologies & with Tableau.

The dashboards and apps help all kinds of people explore and understand data, with different degrees of complexity, according to their role and responsibilities. Hence, we develop visual analytics apps for advanced analysts, but we also design dashboards for Directors and C-level executives.

Challenges achieved

  • Accelerate the adoption of data across the whole company, with custom solutions developed for all kinds of employees, from expert data scientists to C-level executives.
  • Develop interactive apps that not only show numbers, but allow the user to analyze the data visually, well beyond the capability of traditional dashboards.
  • Increase the adoption and use of Tableau across the company.

Working with OneTandem is a real pleasure. They are always seeking for the best visualization to fit and provide the best answers to the business problems set out. We feel as if we were working within the same internal team, always reachable and honest.

Gabriel Ripoll
Data Scientist – eCommerce AI