January 2022 DIBA Dibaròmetre

Web application to communicate and explore the data of the Barcelona province citizen perception survey

DIBA is a public agency that offers economic and technical assistance to the municipalities of the province of Barcelona, such that they can provide better public services.

The objective of the website is to communicate the results of the Dibaròmetre, a survey that evaluates the citizen's perception of the services and the management of the city councils of the province of Barcelona.

We’ve designed visualizations that allow you to explore the data at different levels of granularity, from a province view, to a municipality view. Data for each municipality is benchmarked to provincial and regional aggregations.

The web is mainly composed of the following views:

  • Home page where the survey is presented, in addition to a map with a search engine by municipality.

  • Page of each municipality with a dashboard that summarizes the main results of the survey.

  • Page of each municipality with the detail of the answers for each question of the survey.

Challenges achieved

  • Connection to the open data servers in real time, through an API. This always provides the latest available data.
  • Responsive visualizations optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet devices
  • Interactive charts for data exploration
  • Animations to facilitate the comparison of values
  • Benchmarking of the results of each municipality against the results of the province, the region, and municipalities with a similar population
  • Each municipality page has a separate URL, such that results for a municipality can be easily shared
  • PDF download of the results of each municipality
  • Download the survey dataset for each municipality