March 2022 Basque Government - Economy

Design and development of an application to present the data of the "quarterly report on the Basque economy"

The Department of Economy and Finance is in charge of the direction, preparation, general management, monitoring and control of the General Budgets from Euskadi.

The objective of the website is to make it easier for citizens to explore the data. In particular, those data collected in the quarterly report.

The challenge of the project was to convert the quarterly report of more than 40 pages in PDF to a modern format that would make the data more accessible to citizens.

The main features of visualizations are:

  • Offer a first dashboard that allows showing the main indicators of the report

  • Facilitate the exploration of the data divided into 7 blocks of information through graphs to evaluate temporal and geographical trends

Challenges achieved

  • Development of an interface with customized icons that allows transferring the information from the PDF to the web format
  • Interactive visualizations that work from any type of device
  • Integration with the Basque Government's own content manager
  • Data updating system that allows the Basque Government team to update the data completely autonomously