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Development of multi-device web visualizations

Pica Publishing designs digital and print publications with a focus on the needs of international organizations with a strong understanding of UN and NGO processes, policies and branding standards. Pica Publishing works for clients such as UN, UNESCO and the OECD.

We developed two visualizations to represent the state of the Sustainable Development Goals in the World and in the United States. The aim of the projects was to enable the communication and exploration of the underlying data in order to help the dissemination of these important indicators.

The challenge of these projects was to create quick loading multi-device web visualizations, where insights could be easily found and shared.

project image

The most important features of the visualizations are:

  • Unique URLs for every visualization belonging to a country/state and indicator, enabling users to share discovered insights.

  • Analytical capabilities have also been applied. For instance, the linking and brushing technique facilitates exploring the position in the ranking of the states of the USA in the different indexes and indicators.

  • The design, fully responsive, allows to explore the visualization with any device.

project image

Challenges achieved

  • We successfully converted reports difficult to digest into multi-device web visualizations that foster exploration and dissemination of the SDGs.
  • Fast loading of the contents minimizing response times in the exploration.
  • Easy to share visualizations that led to numerous tweets.
  • The visualization is easy to update with new data, just upload a file and there’s a process that automatically prepares the required dataset.

They have a highly developed technical understanding of data-driven visualization and take the time to familiarize themselves with our data and particular requirements so as to help us determine the most useful functionalities.

Roberto C. Rossi
Managing Director