Tableau Pivot Analysis

Development of cutting edge visualization to enable visual analytics for their apps

Pivot Analysis delivers basketball analysis solutions to leagues, individuals, and organizations at all levels.

OneTandem is the research and development branch of Pivot Analysis, with the commitment to design cutting edge visual analytics tools for their apps that address the challenges related to the communication and exploration of advanced basketball analytics.

We smoothly integrate with their team, understand their needs and their advanced KPIs and transform them into powerful visualizations that help their users explore and analyze data.

Challenges achieved

  • Our visualizations are helping Pivot Analysis to validate their data as well as to prove the usefulness of their metrics.
  • The exploratory nature of our visualizations are bringing Pivot Analysis data into a new level since users can perform deep analysis.
  • We have developed new visual metaphors that convey new metrics.

Their ability to quickly understand a new problem set, a new data set, and new customer requirements ensures that they are able to build highly impactful dashboards without needing hours and hours of input.

Morgan Flom