February 2021 Innobasque

Design and development of a web application to communicate the most important data on R&D and innovation in the Basque Country

Innobasque is a private non-profit association created as an initiative of the Basque Government. Its purpose is to assist in the design, implementation and promotion of new innovation policies, and to turn the Basque Country into an innovative society in all its fields.

The solution implemented makes it possible to discover and explore the most important data on R&D and innovation in the Basque Country, both globally and by province and sector, and compare it with that of Spain and Europe.

The data shown starts in 2008. The development allows the updating of data autonomously.

Project Views/Structure

  • Indicators have been divided into six sections

  • Each section, depending on the type of indicator, has been designed with different views. All visualizations are interactive and have filters to facilitate consultation.

Challenges achieved

  • Filters and interactive charts for data exploration
  • Interactive visualizations that work from any type of device
  • Data download
  • The website is multilingual and has been adapted to the characteristics of Euskera
  • Updating data through direct connection with Google Sheets